1st CWE Workshop 2022
Advanced modeling of stochastic Wind Effects and Vibrations


The impact of climatic actions on building structures has raised more and more interest in the past decades for different reasons. On the one hand, there is an ongoing tendency for challenging architectural designs and higher-strength materials, leading to more lightweight and load-sensitive structures. On the other hand, the world climate is changing with unclear impact on specific wind effects in terms of intensity and frequency of occurrence. Due to lively ongoing research, advanced analytical, numerical, and data-based methods, the field of wind engineering provides the necessary means for adjusted and realistic load recommendations, higher material-efficiency and safer structural designs. The workshop aims to gather current research and to initiate further collaboration.

Scope and Focus

With a particular focus on wind-induced actions, the Center of Wind and Earthquake Engineering of RWTH Aachen University invites international scholars to a "Workshop on Advanced modeling of stochastic Wind Effects and Vibrations”. The CWE wants to organize this workshop event to allow insights into ongoing international research, deepen the scientific network, reflect on the possible impact of climate change on the wind engineering discipline, and discuss new concepts for modeling wind-induced effects.


We also aim to raise interest to the field of Wind Engineering to a wider audience of students, researchers and engineers. 


We will organize the workshop as a one-day online-event. This will allow national and international scientists to participate without traveling. For the future, we aim to establish the CWE workshop as an annual conference in a hybrid format. The 2022 event is aimed to be a starting point.

The presentation slots will have 20 minutes (15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes discussion). Furthermore, there will be thematic discussion in a workshop format after each presentation session.

Potentially, not all contributions might be accepted. However, the possibility to attend the live-streamed event as (non-presenting) participant is ensured after registration.

Possible Topics of Contributions

 There is a wide variety of suitable topics within the workshop subject. These are some examples:

  • Dealing with randomness for the description of wind processes
  • Extreme value prediction for wind effects
  • Influence of climate change on the statistical parameters of wind effects
  • Wind induced vibrations of slender structures
  • Application of advanced prediction methods
  • Dealing with large data sets for validation and model-updates
  • ...

The workshop is focussed on scientific and technical solutions in this field. Please feel free to suggest your topic via the registration page.

Speakers and Audience

We invite all interested scientists to attend the live event (streamed via Zoom) or to contribute as a speaker. Based on the workshop conception we especially like to invite experienced Ph.D. candidates, post-docs or young professors as speakers and panelists for the workshop discussion.

The workshop is also open for interested researchers and students (e.g. as a contribution to own and ongoing lectures). Questions can be raised via a text-based platform and will be answered during the workshop, as far as possible or directed to the presenters afterwards. 

Whether as presenter or as non-presenting participant - please register to the event and we will include you to the mailing list.

Raised your interest?

Please register as a speaker or a (non-presenting) participant! We will keep you updated about the program and the detailed schedule for the event.

The event has finished. Already registered users can access the videos (you should have received an eMail with the passcode).